Recital update, made it to a podcast, and FRINGE.

My Masters recital is fast approaching. Next Sunday, March 27th is D-Day! My week is filled with rehearsals and last-minute tweeks and edits, and an assload of coffee. The program will include:

Turbine, A Short Movement for Piano and Percussion, Flow, Solo for Double Bass, Guilty by Association, and the premieres of Slumber, Brass Quintet, and Tendril.

I made it onto No Extra Notes!, a weekly podcast that features young, up and coming composers. I say “up and coming” because most of the composers are just that. I don’t know to what extent my “up and coming” status can and should be applied. Also, if you listen to my contribution, be prepared to listen to me yap on and on about myself. Friends and family, do I do this often? I try to remain modest, but perhaps I have failed. Anyway, the podcast is put together by Richard Zarou, a composer from Virginia.I haven’t heard much of his music so I can’t comment on that, but he is doing a great job in featuring new composers.


I am starting a small chamber ensemble. Look for more info in the very near future.

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