I’m stoked to be able to announce that we here at Studio Heathco are kicking off the new year right, by releasing a record!

OHM vol 1

“One Hour Minute (OHM) is an on-going project that began in 2021. The concept is simple: compose and fully produce one minute of music in exactly one hour of time, preferably using the first idea that comes to mind. Equal parts creative exercise and therapeutic practice, OHM has become the perfect vehicle to test fresh approaches to composing, generating ideas, and experimenting with various methods of recording and editing, all with a focus to remain in the moment- to just run with it. 

Spanning the 100+ minutes of music created over the first year, certain idioms, sounds, and forms began to emerge as unintentional and subconscious developments of past material. Instructive and educational, to say the least. Oh well, just run with it! 

One stylistic feature that presented itself over and over was the characteristic feeling of this music serving as a soundtrack to a scene in a film that does not yet exist. The sense of miniature storytelling was simply too strong and innate to dispel. Run with it!

One Hour Minute, volume one serves as a “best of” compilation of the musical minutes created throughout 2021. Only slightly cleaned up and dawning fresh, somewhat evocative titles, these twenty tracks pull from a wide variety of styles and sound sources, from driving garage rock, to post-minimalist contemporary chamber music, to musique concrète sourced from cell phone recordings of a lawn care crew, to EDM, to Spaghetti Western film music. 

Each piece tells a bit of an untold story, and the listener is invited to mentally connect and construct any number of imaginary vignettes and scenes from the resulting flow of one minute to the next. Run with it!”

Available January 1, 2022 on Bandcamp.

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“His music is a bold synthesis of contemporary concert music, rock, jazz, and pop genres, and he asserts his indie business practices as unabashedly.” Arts and Culture

“Mr. Heathco is a solid guitarist, coaxing a wide variety of sounds and textures from his instrument…” Sequenza21

As a guitarist, composer, educator, and collaborator, Houston musician George Heathco has worked with a wide variety of artists, organizations, and schools. Equally at home in a diverse range of styles, the genre-hopping musician has played guitar with many of Houston’s leading music and theater organizations, local songwriters and rock/pop bands, and numerous churches and contemporary worship services. He has composed and contributed music for television, radio, theater, jazz and chamber ensembles, and rock/pop acts. In 2016, his setting of Psalm 88 was premiered by Duo Scordatura at Carnegie Hall. Since 2004, George Heathco has been active as a music educator, teaching privately, conducting workshops, and teaching classes and courses at numerous Houston-area schools and colleges.

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