Quick update

So, six posts in a little under a year ain’t half bad, right? I apologize, world. You deserve better! This will be a quick update on what’s been happening in the world of George:

-January 29th: Duo Scordatura performance of Turbine. This was a great performance of my piece alongside several other mighty fine works. I felt a little insecure about my work, but all was great and I received some awesome feedback.

-February 12th: DaCamera Young Artist performance of my piece for children, Alpha-Beta, one, two, TREE!. This was the third run of the piece and was really fun, despite my onset of laryngitis and a real lack of knowing how to control an audience of children! (side note: don’t bump into priceless artwork with music stands, unless you WANT you stomach to churn endlessly).

-February 20-21st: played guitar with the UH contemporary music ensemble, AURA, on a piece by Bill Ryan called Blurred. This was a lot of fun, even though I only have a few note to play. The piece was great, as was the rest of the music on the program. The composers represented were: Michael Gordon, Bill Ryan, Robin Cox, Todd Reynolds, Paul Steinberg, and Krzysztof Penderecki. This was the closest thing to experiencing the New York scene as I have come to so far in Houston. It was great and a lot of fun.


Coming at the end of March is my Masters Recital at UH. This’ll happen on March 27th. I’ll post more about it as the time draws near. I’m scared shitless about one or two pieces.



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