list of works

dance and theater

music from Cthulhu: A Puppet Play (2013) electric guitar and percussion: incidental music for a puppet play written and produced by Kelly and Michael Switzer of Ornery Theatre

music from ReGifting Lions (2012) dance collaboration with Toni Valle, Lynn Lane, and Catalina Molnari: spiderweb (five o’clock shadow)  connect, disconnect, reconnect  I had this dream…  regifting lions ©2012 GHeathco (all rights reserved)


nine moments for cage (2012) 15’00”: electric guitar and marimba: composed for Liminal Space Contemporary Ensemble for the occasion of John Cage’s Centennial:  Sorrow Love Mirth Fear Tranquility Performed by Liminal Space (Luke Hubley, marimba; George Heathco, electric guitar) ©2012 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

hitched (2012) 11’00”: trumpet and piano: commissioned by Steven Brown

shifting landscape (2011) 8’40”: violin, clarinet, piano: commissioned by AURA Contemporary Ensemble at the University of Houston: Shifting Landscape performed by AURA Contemporary Ensemble (Laura Cividino, violin; Jennifer Dennison, clarinet; Geraldine Ong, piano) at the University of Houston ©2011 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

hammerballett (2011) 9’00”: violin, viola, piano: commissioned by Scordatura Music Society

autumn vignettes (2011) 15’10”: electric guitar, piano, tabla: commissioned by Misha Penton for Divergence Vocal Theater’s Autumn Soiree

tendril (2011) 6’30”: violin, cello, clarinet, piano

Alpha-Beta, one-two-TREE! (2011) 15′: clarinet, french horn, trombone, double bass, piano, percussion, speaker: commissioned by Da Camera of Houston

turbine (2010) 7′: violin and viola: Turbine  performed by Duo Scordatura (Nicholas Leh Baker, violin; Faith Jones, viola) ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

a short movement for piano and percussion (2010) 2’30”: piano and percussion: commissioned by Da Camera of Houston: hear it performed by Luke Hubley, marimba; Makiko Hirata, piano ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

flow (2010) 8′: alto sax, bass clarinet, piano: Flow performed by Allen Miller, bass clarinet; Sam Carpio, alto sax; Timothy Boaz, piano ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

brass quintet (2010) 12′: 2 trumpets, french horn, trombone, tuba

trio (2009) 15′: electric guitar, marimba, cello

move it or lose it (2008) 7′: string orchestra 4-4-4-4-1

two pieces for trumpet and piano (2007) 10′: trumpet and piano


Psalm 88 (2016) 10’00″: soprano, violin, and viola: commissioned by Duo Scordatura and premiered by the ensemble at Carnegie Hall

ravens and radishes (2013) 25’00″: soprano, electric guitar, and cello: words by Misha Penton BUY it at Bandcamp

My Voice (2013) 10’00″: voice and piano: commissioned by Houston Grand Opera (HGOCo): words written by students of Kashmere Gerdens Elementary School, Houston, Tx

slumber (2011) 7’20”: voice and marimba: words by Benjamin Cunningham: Slumber performed by Cecilia Duarte, mezzo-soprano; Luke Hubley, marimba: ©2011 GHeathco (all rights reserved)


new collection (2010) 2’30”: french horn

solo (2010) 10′: double bass: 1. Slow  and 2. Moderate: performed by Joey Naeger ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

guilty by association (2009) 2’30”: flute: Guilty by Association: performed by Jennifer Willis ©2009 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

pianomophone (2009) 3′: piano: Pianomophone ©2009 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

alces (2009) 2’30”: tenor saxophone

the chicago typewriter (2008) 6′: 7-string electric guitar

large ensemble

shred! (2010) 9′: jazz orchestra: Shred!: performed by the Moores School Jazz Orchestra ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)


nobody is looking (2010) 9′: 7-string electric guitar and tape: commissioned by Da Camera of Houston: Nobody is Looking

otherwise untitled Schwitters collage. (2010) 4’30: collage of Kurt Schwitters performing his own Ur Sonate: commissioned by DaCamera of Houston: otherwise untitled Schwitters collage. ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)

lawnmowerman (2010) 3’25”: doors, stairs, and faucets: Lawnmower Man ©2010 GHeathco (all rights reserved)