aaaaand you can all hear it now!

Whew, what a night! I just got home from an awesome evening performing ravens and radishes, I’ve gone through the customary social media blasts  afterwards, aaaand I’m wiped out. Though, I imagine I am not anywhere near as beat as Misha Penton, who not only sang her ass off tonight, but put together the whole evening! Seriously, the amount of work she puts into a performance is tremendous. I’m constantly in awe of the work she does, and I feel blessed to get to work with her!

photograph courtesy of David DeHoyos Photography
photograph courtesy of David DeHoyos Photography

So y’all, ravens and radishes is available to purchase as a digital EP! You can buy it here, on bandcamp. It is only $5. Misha and I were joined by Daniel Saenz on cello. Daniel is absolutely fantastic, and has taught me so much about what the instrument can do. He’s definitely going to have to be at my side when I write another piece with cello.

We have already received a review of the release, by Steve Hicken over at Sequenza21. Read it here. My favorite 3/4 of the review are:

“The lyrics, by soprano Misha Penton, embody elusive retellings of tales from Grimm and a Slavic tale. They are well-matched with Heathco’s music, which has an easy eclecticism that reminds me of chamber rock with shifting textures and metric/rhythmic freedom. The songs work on their own and as part of the cycle.

Misha Penton, in addition to having a way with words, is a fine singer, with a darkly inviting voice, a sure sense of pitch, and outstanding diction. Mr. Heathco is a solid guitarist, coaxing a wide variety of sounds and textures from his instrument, which blends and contrasts in sometimes surprising ways with Daniel Saenz’ superb cello playing.

ravens & radishes is very well-written, recorded, and performed. A good example of the form and style.”

We released a music video for one of the songs from the cycle. The video is for “Sheep’s Clothing,” though we called the video ravens and radishes. Don’t be fooled! I posted the video on my extra media page, but whatever…you can see it here:



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