Just gotta get it off my chest.

I failed to mention that Slumber might have another performance in September, on percussionist Luke Hubley’s doctoral recital. The piece is for voice (baritone) and marimba, and the text was written by Benjamin Cunningham, the vocalist for The Pant Factory. The first performance of Slumber was on my graduate recital this past Spring. I wasn’t particularly proud of some of my writing in certain sections, particularly in what I felt was the middle section (of some sort of ABA form). Neither the voice or marimba part were very clear nor idiomatic, and it was just more complicated than it needed to be. It meandered harmonically and the phrasing didn’t make any sense. Ultimately, I decided to rewrite the entire section and tweak the outer moments to make the piece a little more cohesive. I haven’t heard the results sung or played (beyond my midi renderings) yet, but I definitely feel more confident in the parts. I’ll post the recital date as soon as I find out more details.

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