Some Pant Factory news and some minor George Heathco news

My band, The Pant Factory, will be playing at Warehouse Live on Saturday May 29. We are playing with Scale the Summit, Another Run, and Female Demand. The doors are at 8 and we play around 9:30. Email me or comment on this post if you want to buy tickets ($10) for the show. Our set is going to be pretty different for those who are used to seeing us in action; we’re playing most of the new material from our next album. We’ll be tracking and mixing most of the summer and hopefully mastering during fall. Look forward to seeing a release at the end of the year. For anyone not interested in waiting that long until the album, we’ll be releasing a short 3-song digital EP pretty soon. Details on everything will surface as these projects roll closer.

Also, we have had a new member in the band for all of 8 months now. His name is Joey Killam and he is our second guitar player. The music that we started writing for the new record got more and more involved as far as the guitar parts were concerned, so we felt a second player would really make the parts sing better. Joey is handling everything really quite nicely and has been a great addition to the band. We have never given an official release on his existence in the band, so if you haven’t seen him or met him at any of our most recent shows then be sure to do so the next time!

Here is a pretty cool review: Space City Rock

I am pretty excited about the upcoming year at school. If all goes as planned, this will be my last year of grad school. I have talked with Noe Marmolejo about writing a piece for the Moores School of Music Jazz Orchestra. This is super exciting for many reasons, the biggest being that the MSMJO is extremely talented and very enthusiastic about working hard. I played trumpet in the ensemble for a good three years. My spot was always third, fourth, or fifth trumpet (or as I liked to think of them, lead-3, lead-4, lead-5). Noe always ran rehearsals the way anyone would expect a professional group to operate. Everyone was responsible for practicing their parts and coming in prepared to play, otherwise they’d be torn a fresh, new butt-hole in front of their peers. As players, we were always treated with the utmost respect, allowing for personalities to ring through during moments where personalities needed to be present. Concerts were such a treat. Everyone on stage played their asses off and had tons of fun doing so. These things alone give me so much needed confidence to write something special for the group. This piece is going to be a blast to write. Some small spoilers include: Meshuggah, Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, Math Rock, Andriessen, and Conspiracy Theory Documentaries. More to come!

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